Gingerman Raceway 2015 is in the books!

GFord Focus ST | Mueller Motorwerks | www.muellermotorwerks.comingerman Raceway 2015 is in the books for the Mueller Motorwerks crew. The Ford Focus ST placed 3rd on day one. “This place is pretty tricky, but I’m getting the hang of it,” said Mueller Motorwerks Ford Focus ST driver Travis Watry. “Learning more about the track and car every time I go out.”

Into day two and after warm ups the crew popped the wheels off and found the front pads to be pretty thin. A fresh set of pads in and they were ready to lay some laps down. The Ford Focus ST finished in third for TTB with a time of 1:43.5.

“I can thank the crew enough for the late nights in the shop,” said Watry. “And spending their weekend with me at the track.”

Stay tuned for the full story and for the episode of OnTrack: Gingerman Raceway, coming soon!